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Project Description

SharePoint 2010 and SharePoint Foundation Quick Launch Accordian Solution.


A client asked me if it was possible to make the quick launch behave in a manner more like an accordian panel with the headers being the panel headers and sub links being the panel contents.

Only one panels contents can be expanded at a time closing all other panels on selection.

The solution must be implementable using a wsp solution package and no custom editing of pages or master pages can be done.

On navigating to other pages in the site, the panel must be aware of the accordian panel that contains the link and open it.



I built a wsp package to deploy custom css, javascript and jQuery files via a SharePoint action and let jQuery do the rest.

The solution is lightweight and can be enabled or disabled at site collection level and uses a new feature of SharePoint 2010 that enables us to link scripts in the masterpage using custom actions.





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